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GVSU Students Look to Design, Build, Deliver and Install Solar Powered Medical Devices

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This semester students in the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing, Seidman College of Business and College of Education are collaborating to design, build, deliver and install solar powered medical devices to one of the most remote and underserved regions of the world. Once built these devices will provide physicians with light, suction and auxiliary power for up to two days. This functionality is critical in a part of the world where frequent and unexpected blackouts are common place and often have major implications for patients and doctors.

Throughout this project Justin Melick, Digital Media Developer on the GVSU eLearning team, will be documenting the process of designing, building and delivering these devices to create a short documentary on the project that will be used to secure funding to continue this project in future semesters.

In order to fund this project, the team at GVSU will be participating in the 5×5 Night competition on March 23rd. To have the opportunity to present, the team needs your help to finish in the top five of the public vote.

Please help the team to secure a spot to present at the upcoming 5×5 Night!

Please CLICK HERE to VOTE for the GVSU “Solar Energy Saving Lives” project!

Innovative Teaching, an Invisible Whiteboard, and Student Engagement via the Lightboard at GVSU

The lightboard is an innovative teaching and learning tool that allows instructors to write out their content while still being able to give both verbal and non-verbal cues to their students on video. As the instructors write with the markers on the board the colors appear to glow, allowing faculty to create engaging visuals that help drive home vital concepts. This technology was originally created by Michael Peshkin of Northwestern University and has spread to institutions around the world.

In the six months that the lightboard has been available for use, seven faculty members have created 38 videos for twelve course sections. Additionally, two videos were created for international conferences using the lightboard. Beyond presenting content faculty have also used the lightboard to create class introductions that include concept maps connecting learning objectives to course content and assessments. 

If you would like to schedule a time to create a video on the lightboard contact Justin Melick at For more information regarding the ligthboard at GVSU visit