Supporting Students with Blackboard Advisor Organization Sites

65e77138-ea28-fab9-7f607ba367045016At GVSU, both academic advisors and faculty student advisors are provided with Blackboard organization sites that support student success through a variety of communication and content capabilities.

Advisor sites are automated from Banner, providing ease of use for faculty and staff. Students enrollments are kept up to date so that the information is timely and is sent to those students in need.

Blackboard Collaborate is also valuable as it provides screen sharing and allows advisors to work with students remotely, providing just-in-time guidance.

The most popular organization sites include the following information:

  • Program Information / Helpful Documents
    • Degree and Curriculum Guides
    • Internship Information
    • Bachelor and Masters Materials
    • Graduate Certification
    • Graduation Requirements
  • Advisor Information
    • Faculty/Staff Bio
    • Office Hours
    • Link to Collaborate Ultra for Live Office Hours
  • Discussion Board
    • Posts with Questions and Answers from Students
      • Advisors can “subscribe” to posts to receive timely email questions from students. Further, with public posts, this forum provides a FAQ services.
  • Website Resources
    • Department/Division Web Site
    • GVSU Library Databases
    • GRE Information
    • Employment Opportunities

To learn more about using Blackboard for student advising, contact