Top 10 Digital Learning Support, Services, and Resources at GVSU

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Goal: To ensure degrees, programs, micro-credentials, courses, and digital learning experiences are designed in alignment with cohesive and consistent learner experience best practices and quality frameworks.

We are here to help faculty transition courses from in person to online, while supporting faculty in the delivery of high quality – high impact digital learning experiences.


IDeL – Instructional Design for eLearning (

  1. Instructional Design Expertise and Support
    IDeL includes 4 instructional designers (Glenna Decker, Kim Kenward, Matt Roberts, Justin Melick) who specialize in designing online/hybrid teaching and learning.
  2. NEW! Instructional Technology Project Specialists (ITPS)
    NEW! To more effectively prioritize support in the creation of digital materials, 4 ITPS positions (David Nivala, Barb Stevens, Stephanie Webber, Jeanne Smith) have been created! The specialists will be responsible for working collaboratively with subject matter experts, instructional designers, digital media developers, and cross-departmental stakeholders in leading the design, development, and on-time delivery of high-quality digital learning experiences.
  3. Foundations for Online/Hybrid Course Development
    Learn how to design, build, and teach the next generation of education. Learn more:
  4. Online/Hybrid Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)
    Faculty are encouraged to join an FLC to make connections, learn best practices, and to find additional support and resources. Learn more:

Digital Studio (

  1. Multimedia and Digital Media Development
    Media-rich instruction can help solve instructional problems, enhance learning, and support student success. The Digital Studio promotes the creation of digital learning experiences for faculty.
  2. Lightboard
    This exciting technology was custom built at GVSU, and it combines a whiteboard-like experience with visibility of the instructor, resulting in highly engaging course content. Lightboard videos can be easily integrated into Blackboard and placed online. Learn more:

Atomic Object Technology Showcase (

  1. Innovative Emerging Technology
    The showcase provides faculty, staff, and students with an immersive and engaging environment to: interactdiscoverlearn, and share how innovative emerging technologies can enhance teaching and improve student learning at GVSU. Check out the latest at:

Teaching and Learning with Technology (

  1. Teaching and Learning with Technology
    Save time, increase your efficiency and effectiveness, better communicate with your students, easily share content, and provide timely feedback to students with a variety of technologies.Blackboard is GVSU’s enterprise learning management system, providing a consistent user experience for students as they access digital resources. In addition, resources such as online proctoring tools such as Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor, and Blackboard Ally help to ensure content is accessible.

    Further, all students are provided a tutorial and Online/Hybrid Orientation to learn the basics of how to be successful at GVSU. Here is a complete list of Grand Valley’s Enterprise Instructional Technologies.

    The eLearning team of instructional technologists provide support to faculty in individual consultations, seminars, email support, and web resources. Learn more at:

Get Plugged In

  1. Seminars
    In addition to individual consultations and email support, training opportunities are offered through a wide array of seminars. Registration is available through the Sprout:
  2. Contact Us

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