Working with Instructional Designers improves Student Outcomes

At GVSU, the eLearning team is on mission to support faculty pursuing innovation in teaching and learning. One of our strategies in achieving this mission is to:

  • Leverage exemplary instructional design and instructional technologies to: create pedagogically sound and learner centered instruction, improve and ensure course quality, enhance faculty effectiveness, and to increase student success and retention.

We also always say:

“We’re here to help!”

And we are!

In a recent article by Campus Technology entitled: Survey: Instructional Designers Drive Better Student Outcomes, the importance of instructional design (ID) was raised in support of increasing the quality of online courses and in turn improving student learning as part of the 2019 CHLOE 3 REPORT.

Online Student Performance compared to Face-to-Face Students, with and without Instructional Design Support

In the following chart, findings revealed that a higher proportion of institutions that require the use of an instructional designer in online course design and development indicate online students as “performing comparably to or better than on-ground students.”


Image Retrieved from CHLOE 3 REPORT

Online Course Development Model

As part of the 2019 CHLOE 3 Report, the survey also indicated that on average 38% of institutions use a faculty + option ID model, followed by 24% a faculty + required ID.


Image Retrieved from CHLOE 3 REPORT

Online Engagement and the Student Experience

Further, the following chart illustrates a variety of course design and development approaches as it relates to the types of engagement used in the online course. For example, when faculty work independently, 64% of the student engagement is with course materials, whereas, when faculty are required to work with an ID or a team, course material engagement dropped to 47% and 44% respectively.


Image Retrieved from CHLOE 3 REPORT

Connect with an Instructional Designer at GVSU!

At GVSU, the eLearning and Emerging Technologies team includes 3 instructional designers making up the “IDeL” (Instructional Design for Learning) group.

When preparing, designing, or facilitating an online or hybrid course, please reach out to one of our instructional designers for support, join an Online and Hybrid Faculty Learning Community, and/or review a variety of tips, video advice, and good practice teaching recommendations.


Title: Instructional Designer
Phone: 616-331-2598
Office: 4453 P. Douglas Kindschi Hall of Science (KHS)

Glenna’s Web Site


Title: Instructional Designer
Phone: 616-331-2131
Office:  268C Richard M. DeVos Center (DEV)

Kim’s Web Site


Title: Instructional Designer
Phone: 616-331-9085
Office:  4452 P. Douglas Kindschi Hall of Science (KHS)

Matthew’s Web Site

We’re here to help!

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