Learning On-the-Go with Blackboard Mobile Apps

In a recent article by Inside Higher Ed, ‘Students Are Using Mobile Even If You Aren’t’, the importance of mobile phones and tablets were highlighted for their role in transforming teaching and learning.

Beyond its function as a classroom tool, mobile technology is the primary conduit for some students’ learning experiences. Broad data on the different permutations of mobile learning are hard to come by. In a 2018 survey by Learning House and Aslanian Market Research of 1,500 exclusively online students, nearly 80 percent said they complete some, if not all, of their course work using a mobile device. More than half of respondents said they access course readings and communicate with professors from their smartphones, and more than 40 percent said they conduct research for reports and access the learning management system on mobile devices.

Further, EDUCAUSE has presented research around the importance of mobile devices to students and their educational experience through the ECAR Study.

In addition to the use of the LMS and online collaboration tools, the importance of mobile access to campus resources was highlighted in the report.  Most notable was the importance of checking grades, content, and accessing the LMS (eg. Blackboard). Checking grades and accessing content via mobile was rated extremely important by students.


Reading this article, along with the ECAR report, generated some interest among the eLearning team in looking at GVSU’s data as it relates to access to the university’s LMS, Blackboard by mobile devices. Here is some of the data from Blackboard mobile app analytics reporting:

  • In the past year there were 2,340 unique logins to Blackboard using mobile apps.


In addition, here is some of the data from our Google analytics reporting enabled on our Blackboard environment:

  • 9% Mobile Users and 1% Tabletimage001
  • 80% of Mobile Traffic is from iOS Devices, followed by 18% Androidimage003

Statistics are gathered based on browser and operating system:

  • Chrome was used by 57% of users
  • The most used operating system was Windows at 57%, followed by Macintosh at 24%

Go mobile and access Blackboard on-the-go!

Blackboard Instructor Mobile App

Blackboard Instructor App Icon

The Blackboard Instructor mobile app is now available for free download in Apple and Google app stores! Manage your courses, send announcements, and connect with students on your phone or tablet. Download Blackboard Instructor:

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Blackboard Student Mobile App

Blackboard App Icon

Access your courses on the go with the Bb Student mobile app! Access grades, course content, and more – right from the Blackboard app on your phone. Available for free download today on iOS, Android, or Windows.

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