A Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology via Inside Higher Ed meets eLearning at GVSU

Inside Higher Ed recently released a report based on a survey of faculty attitudes on technology.


Here are a few noteworthy highlights:

  • 75% of faculty support increased use of educational technologies
  • More than two-thirds (70%) support increased use of open  educational resources (OER).
  • 25% of professors said they had worked with an instructional designer on online or blended course, and 45% said they had received professional development about course design
  • Instructors who had taught online were likelier than their peers (44% versus 9%) to say they had worked with a designer.
    • The eLearning and Emerging Technologies team at GVSU provides faculty with instructional design through the IDeL team.
  • Challenges to online effectiveness include: concerns for “at risk” students learning online, maintaining academic integrity, and engaging students in rigor.

…professors who have taught online view online more favorably

  • 44% of college faculty members having taught at least 1 online course
    • At GVSU, 288 faculty are teaching online or hybrid courses per year.


  • 75% of instructors who’ve taught online said doing so helped “develop pedagogical skills and practices that have improved” their teaching:
    • Think more critically about ways to engage students with content (68%)
    • Make better use of multimedia content such as video and audio (65%)
    • Use LMS better (61%)
    • Experiment more and make changes to try to improve their students’ learning  experiences (60%)
  • Accessibility
    • 2 of 3 professors say their institution offers training in making course materials compliant with ADA


Learn more about the Inside Higher Ed “A Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology


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