eLearning team participates in OPEN GVSU Symposium

On Monday, October 22, the eLearning team participated in the Open GVSU Symposium held in the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons.

This event was held to kick off Open Access Week.  In brief, Open Access Week is a global event that is focused on promoting and highlighting “Open” education, activities, and open educational resources (OER). “Open” in this case refers to resources that are freely available online, and not behind a paid firewall or closed off to the public.


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The symposium included a keynote by Regina Gong, OER Project Manager, Lansing Community College.


Glenna Decker, Vince St. Germain, Sherry Barricklow, Justin Melick, Hunter Bridwell, and Eric Kunnen attended the event and facilitated roundtable discussions on instructional design, instructional technology, and digital media development resources that are available through the eLearning and Emerging Technologies team.


Also, the Student Senate announced 2 awards that will recognize faculty champions of OER. More on these awards will be announced in the next few months.


eLearning Team Supports OER

eLearning and Emerging Technologies provides faculty with support to:

  • Incorporate OER to make courses more flexible and effective
  • Explore learning object repositories and open textbook materials to discover effective OER
  • Learn tools and technologies for creating customized instructional materials with OER
  • Leverage OER in teaching by applying quality instructional design
  • Integrate OER into Blackboard courses, assignments, and assessments

Check out the eLearning OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES web page for more information about  #OER and how the eLearning team can support you!

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