GVSUeLearn visits Digital Media Commons at UMich

Justin Melick, Vince St. Germain, Paul Wilson, and Eric Kunnen from the eLearning team and Technology Showcase, along with professor Star Swift from Grand Valley State University visited the University of Michigan Digital Media Commons to learn about the innovative digital media technologies available at the University of Michigan on September 6.

In brief, the Digital Media Commons (DMC) has a plethora of resources and services available to faculty, staff, and students to use to create a wide array of teaching and learning resources. The DMC includes:

  1.  Groundworks – A collaborative facility to create digital media and also to convert analog resources. There is even an audio booth that can be used to create podcasts. There is also a recording studio where you can walk in to record a lecture or as a student, work on a video assignment for class.
  2. Design Labs – This lab is the place for tinkering and making with a variety of tools to create.
  3. Video Studio – A cutting edge production studio that can be used for performances, motion capture, green screen and other creative projects.
  4. 3D Lab – A place to create 3D simulations and objects.  In addition there is a 3D “cave” where you can “walk through” your 3D designs.
  5. Emerging Technologies Group – Provides services and support for creative projects.
  6. Audio Studios – World class lab and recording facility.

Here at GVSU, we were inspired by all the technology resources available at the University of Michigan.  As we look to the future of the Technology Showcase, Digital Studio, our work in eLearning, and across the university, we will use our experiences at the DMC to help us move forward!

Thank  you to Eric Maslowski, Robert Newcomb, and the team at the DMC for the tour!

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