Showcase highlighted on myCOLLEGE PLANNING Blog

In July, the Atomic Object Technology Showcase at Grand Valley State University was highlighted in a blog post by myCOLLEGE PLANNING TEAM in a post entitled: “Grand Valley’s Technology Showcase Aims to Improve Learning by Putting the Latest Gadgets into the Hands of Faculty,Students“.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The Grand Valley State University Technology Showcase in Allendale, Mich., is offering opportunities for students and teachers to learn in new ways. Prominently situated within the school’s library, the 3-year- old Technology Showcase is less of a place to gawk at the latest gadgets and more of a hands-on lab where students and faculty can discover how to integrate technology and education—or even check out products for free for use on school projects or lesson plans. We talked to Grand Valley’s Eric Kunnen, associate director of eLearning and emerging technologies, about the Technology Showcase and its role in changing education.

MCPT: What is the goal of the Technology Showcase?

Kunnen: The ultimate goal is to bring about new and innovative or emerging technologies that students and faculty can interact with, that they can discover, that they can learn about. And then they can also share how they are using technology to enhance teaching and learning. It’s a drop-in space, primarily, where faculty and students can interact with these new technologies.

Read the full interview with Eric Kunnen, Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies, and Tina Kapinos from MCPT, on the myCOLLEGE PLANNING TEAM Blog.


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