GVSU and MSU Collaborate in ThinkIn Event

UPDATE: MSU posted a recording of the ThinkIn Event on the MSU Hub Blog. Check it out!

“Serendipitous Learning Potential Through Intentionally Designed Learning Spaces”
MSU Hub January ThinkIn


On Wednesday, the Atomic Object Technology Showcase and the MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology join forces to collaborate, connect, and share how intentionally designed learning spaces can promote and prompt serendipitous learning opportunities.

In short, the purpose of the “MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology ThinkIn” is to connect with innovative people and projects “in-the-space”.  For the January ThinkIn, the focus is on the following topic: “Serendipitous Learning Potential Through Intentionally Designed Learning Spaces”.

During the live meetup, conversations will be focused on:  makerspaces, the showcase, and the benefits of having the #edtech resources for students and faculty – to prompt serendipitous learning.  MSU will also provide information about a variety of innovative and collaborative spaces such as the Hive and the Hatch.

During the conversation, the following questions will be discussed:

  1. What is the technology showcase at GVSU?
    • What were the original intended outcomes of the technology showcase?
    • How have those outcomes changed over time?
    • What affordances did the space bring that weren’t even anticipated?
    • What challenges came with the space that weren’t expected?
  2. What is the “Knowledge Market” in the new Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons?
  3. Where does learning occur on the college campus?
  4. What spaces help to encourage conversation and dialogue?
  5. What events bring people together?
  6. What is your definition of a makerspace?
  7. Why is a makerspace important to college campuses?

More details for the 1/27/16 ThinkIn can be found on the MSU Hub Facebook Page. 


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