#OER @GVSU – Open Education Resources increase Access and Reduce Costs

The Grand Valley Lanthorn recently highlighted the topic of open education resources in an article entitled: “Open Education Resources provide cheaper textbook alternative“.  In this article, Hannah Lentz provides a great overview of the importance of OER and it’s forward movement in higher ed.  In addition, Hannah referred to the increasing momentum of OER across our campus. The eLearning team is part of this campus wide initiative, and we offer support to faculty in investigating and adopting these resources.

Be sure to check out the article and visit the GVSU library OER web site for more information.


“Education is about sharing knowledge, and we are excited to see the potential of OER across the university to increase access and reduce costs,” said Eric Kunnen, associate director of the eLearning and Emerging Technologies team. “We believe that in collaborating together we can support faculty and students in their use of open educational resources across the institution”

There are a lot of opportunities to explore as we look to the future together. Please do reach out to the eLearning team for assistance in incorporating OER in your classes @GVSU!



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