Engage with Emerging Technologies in the Showcase

Have you been to the Atomic Object Technology Showcase (room 012 atrium level) in the new library on the GVSU Allendale campus?  Have your students? If not, we invite you!

We have more emerging technologies in the showcase than you can shake-a-stick-at!

Google Glass @ GVSU

Google Glass, Oculus Rift, 3D Printing and more is available to check out in the showcase! Faculty, staff, and students can drop by anytime the showcase is OPEN. Fall 2015 hours are 10-9 Monday through Thursday and Friday 11-5.


The showcase has over 27 technologies that are available to faculty to check out for a temporary basis. FREE 3D printing is also available to faculty and students.


In the past 2 years, the showcase has hosted a series of class visits from courses such as: CIS 150, EDR 321, COM 495, Kendall College of Art and Design / Introduction to Design, and more!

Some faculty have assigned projects too, based on the tech in the showcase such as a required blog post in Blackboard, tweeting about their experience with a hashtag, etc.


The goal of the showcase is to expand the reach of technology – and to transform the educational experience at GVSU, while focusing on student success.  One example of a technology that has escaped the showcase is Swivl. This technology has enabled the College of Education to offer a unique option for classroom observations.  Check out this case study!

EDUCAUSE Review Article

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons and drop by the showcase today!

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